High School & College Counselors

Target Goal: 30 counselors

Role of Counselors:

  • 11th graders* and older will oversee and serve as a mentor

  • May be asked to assist in managing campers in a sleeping suite

  • Connect, bond and have fun with kids that will see you as their older cousins / mentors!

  • Lead kids through their daily activities

  • Build a stronger connection to your community, while gaining leadership experience

  • Help build curriculum relevant to Indian youth

Time Commitment:

  • Monday, August 16 to Sun, August 22, 2021 - We need you there the whole time

* 10th graders have the option of being a camper or a counselor based on their interest and experience

**Counselors WILL GET community service credit for their time

Please contact for specific questions or concerns:

Shikha: shikha.m.malhotra@gmail.com

Kriti: kriti_bhatia@hotmail.com